Wednesday, April 8, 2009

The Chair

Case Study 2:

This case is on the supposed use of Lebbeus Woods' drawing of a chair being appropriated into the "12 Monkeys" movie by Universal Studios. Viewing both the chair drawing and the scene in the movie where it is appropriated it is quite obvious that the chair in the movie is that of the one Lebbeus Woods drew. It not only has very similar features to that of Woods' like the vertical rail and the suspended sphere but the director, Terry Gilliam, admits himself of having reviewed a copy of the picture and discussing it with fellow crew members. This here is a dead give away that he has breached the copyright laws because he appropriated the image without the consent of the artist therefore the court finding Universal Studios guilty was correct and Woods demanding money for the usage of the chair completely reasonable as an artist should get paid for the usage of his/her work.

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