Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Fair use?

Keir Smith's work shows on appropriation of alot of copied images that in the midst of the copyright laws it would be illegal. In my opinion a work like this should not fall under the illegal catagory as it is more on artwork inforcing ideas and making statements around the idea of fair use and copyright exceptions. In a country of democracy such an image should be accpetable because we are suppose to be able to inforce our opinion. There is also the case of what is art and what is drawing the line, this would not be considered as art because it is illegally using images but is it not merely using the old concept of photomontage, borrowing already made images and using them to create a whole new image of your own to voice your own idea. It is not like Smith has taking the images and labelled them as his own, or taken a single image and claimed it as his but he has instead taken highly recognisable images to socitey and used them in a way that voices a whole different meaning and a whole new aspect to the work. Crime or not? ..For me I call it art!

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