Wednesday, April 8, 2009

Harrison Vs Mack

Case Study 1:

So the case is that of ex-Beatle George Harrison being found guilty for copying the hit single of "My Sweet Lord" that was originally written by Ronald Mack and called "He's So Fine", performed by The Chiffons. After listening to both songs the question has been raised of has Harrison borrowed his musical ideas from Mack's song? In my opinion the songs are completely different! I have no idea how this court case could have found him guilty as his song is solidly based around the title of "My Sweet Lord" and follows a whole different rhythm and tune to that of Ronald Mack's. The feel of Harrisons song is completely different in the way you feel more compassion and it is put together in a more slow, romantic, feel good sense. Ronald Mack's is a lively bouncey song that you can feel yourself dancing along to or bobing down the street, completely unlike Harrisons! Not only are the structure of the songs recognisably different but the words barely relate at all other than the fact they are both focused on praising a sole character or guy. Fail of the copyright law here, Harrison is not guilty!

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